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This age calculator determines a person's age based on their date of birth. Age calculation methods can vary across cultures, but generally, a person's age is incremented by 1 year on each birthday.

This free age calculator online is a valuable and straightforward tool applicable in numerous scenarios. It can determine the age of individuals ranging from newborns to seniors by computing years, months, and days, using input of their birthdate and the current date.

What does an Age Calculator do?

Online age calculator months and days is a web-based tool designed to calculate a person's age on a specific date, provided their date of birth (dob) is known. In many Western cultures, the age calculation typically rounds down, so if a person has lived for 8 years and 9 months, their age is considered 8 years.

Date of Birth (DOB) Calculator

Date of birth DOB calculator enables us to determine age based on the date of birth. To utilize this agecalculator, input the required values into the provided input box.

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How do I use Age Calculator?

To determine a person's age using a birthday calculator, follow these steps::

Formula for Age Calculator

According to the Oxford Dictionary, “Age” refers to the duration of a person's life or the existence of an object. Calculating age involves comparing a person's date of birth with the date for which the age is required. Subtracting the date of birth from the given date yields the person's age, represented by the formula: Age = Given date - Date of birth. Below are the steps to calculate a person's age from their date of birth to a specified date.

Examples Showing How to Calculate Age

Below are examples illustrating how to calculate age and the methodology employed by the birthday calculator for clearer understanding.

Example 1: John's date of birth is July 25, 1985 (25/07/1985). Determine his age on January 28, 2021, and validate it using the age calculator.


Applying the formula to calculate John's age:

Age of a Person = Given date - Date of birth.

John's Date of Birth = July 25, 1985.

Given date = January 28, 2021.

Note that the current month is less than the birth month. That is, January (1) is less than July (7). Therefore, we consider the year 2020 as the current year and also account for 12 + 1 (Jan) - 7 (July) = 6 months.

Years' Difference = 2020 - 1985 = 35 years.

Number of remaining days = 3 days.

Answer: Hence, John's age is 35 years, 6 months, and 3 days.

Example 2: Peter's date of birth is July 13, 1992. Calculate his age on April 21, 2016, and confirm it using the age calculator.


Utilizing the formula to calculate Peter's age:

Age of a Person = Present date - Date of birth.

Here is a slightly different approach to grasp the age formula more clearly.

Peter's Date of Birth = July 13, 1992.

Years' Difference = 2015 - 1992 = 23 years. (This calculation extends from July 13, 1992, to July 13, 2015).

Number of remaining months from July 13, 2015, to April 13, 2016 = 9 months.

Number of remaining days from April 13, 2016, to April 21, 2016 = 8 days.

Answer: Therefore, Peter's age is 23 years, 9 months, and 8 days.

Similarly, you can employ the age calculator to ascertain the ages of individuals with the birth dates and current dates provided until August 26, 2021:

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Age Calculator FAQs

How to Calculate Age on Age Calculator?

You can utilize this age calculation calculator to determine age based on the given date of birth and the current or desired date for age calculation. Ensure that both dates are formatted as DD/MM/YYYY. Access the date of birth calculator by visiting Age Calculator.

What is Use of the DOB Calculator?

DOB calculator computes the current age of a person or object, accounting for years, months, and days. Simply input the DOB and the current date in dd/mm/yyyy format to obtain your age.

How to Determine the Number of Years Using the Date of Birth Calculator?

To calculate the number of years using the age calculation calculator, begin by inputting the date of birth and the current date in the specified format. The calculator provides the age in years, months, and days, with the "years" representing the age or number of years.

The how old am i tool provided here calculates an individual's age online by considering their date of birth. Age calculation practices differ among cultures, typically adding one year to a person's age with each passing birthday.

This free online tool serves as a valuable resource, providing a seamless solution for age determination. Whether it's for administrative purposes, personal curiosity, or professional requirements, this tool offers a convenient means to measure ages accurately and efficiently.

Moreover, the utility of this tool extends beyond mere numerical computation; it underscores the significance of milestones and the passage of time in our lives.

How to Use age calculator?

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