About us

We are a group of enthusiastic IT professionals committed to creating high-quality tools and materials for the online community. Our objective is straightforward: to provide a diverse range of user-friendly online age calculator for effortless everyday computations. Our journey commenced in 2024 with the launch of our website age-calculator.app By 2008, where our growth and development have persisted.

Our calculators span various categories, encompassing finance, fitness and health, mathematics, and more. Each calculator undergoes meticulous in-house development, with some incorporating open-source JavaScript components subject to different licenses. We take pride in the precision and dependability of our tools, with over 90% of them relying on established formulas and equations derived from reputable textbooks.

In instances where formulas might be disputed, we present results from multiple popular formulas to ensure transparency and clarity. For instance, consider our dob Calculator.

Mission Statement

In upholding our commitment to excellence, the outcomes generated by our financial calculators are subjected to thorough scrutiny by our team of financial advisors. These professionals bring with them extensive expertise gained from prominent personal financial advising firms.

In terms of content creation, we take great pride in producing over 99% of our material internally. For a small fraction, we have referenced trusted sources such as Wikipedia, adhering to the GNU Free Documentation License. Our financial content is meticulously curated and reviewed by our dedicated financial team, while our health-related information is meticulously vetted for accuracy by medical experts.

Our Team


Mahesh E U

Technical Lead

Mahesh E U is a tech lead with a passion for coding and problem-solving. With years of experience, he's a master at leading teams and bringing innovative tech ideas to life.



UX designer

Mridul is a friendly guy who loves computers and playing soccer with his friends. He's always curious about how things work and enjoys helping others learn new things too.




Rajesh is a friendly guy who loves computers and making new friends. He enjoys playing video games and learning about new technologies.



Backend developer

Bharti is a friendly and hardworking individual who loves helping others. She enjoys spending time with family and friends and is always ready for new adventures.




Anhsuman is a friendly and curious person who loves exploring new ideas and meeting people from all walks of life. They enjoy spending time outdoors, playing sports, and sharing laughter with friends and family.




Shruti is a friendly and creative student. She loves to draw and play with her pet cat. She enjoys spending time with her friends and exploring new places.